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and this is the fame. ♥

i rule with my left hand, i reign with my right.

14 June 1993

when you're lonely, i'll be lonely too.

♀ i'm marinka. dutch. sixteen years old. born in the wrong century, loving the 60's&70's. i'm writing this while i'm drunk, don't blame me. tequilaammmm.
♣ sometimes i seem shy, but in fact i'm a bitch who talks way too much. i'm in love with johnny depp and helena bonham carter, but tim burton is my ultimate crush.
♥ i <3 to party, i love tea, strawberries, beer and tequila's. yes, i love variousity too. fashion is important & i will die without my friends, but especially w/out music.
● i want to live in london, 'cause i want to marry that city, but i also love paris, brighton & old-fashioned amsterdam. barcelona and madrid are ok too.
♫ lady gaga and adam lambert are gods, and queen is the best band ever. <3
→ i am crazy and you've got to deal with that. i make mistakes, i wish i looked different and i regret a lot of things, but i'm here to live. if u want to add me, go ahead. i will probably add you back.
lahv you lil' monsters. :)
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and this is the fame.

Header on my LJ was made by claire_kay, ty. <3